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Computer hacking can occur at any time and entail a wide range of problems and embarrassments. And that’s not including hackers who invade a system for the express purpose of damaging or destroying it.

So, everyone is taking steps to keep those faceless hackers from getting in, and as long as we put up walls we’ll all be safe right?

Not so fast.

At the Nonprofit Risk Management Center 2016 Risk Summit, Jim Jackson, director of campus operations at Momentous Institute, and Paul Henry, network administrator/engineer of Momentous Institute, said that the biggest threat to cyber security lies in user behavior within the system.

In other words, when people in the organization use their computers/devices for purposes other than work, they are not just taking time off from work.

They presented the following statistics:

  • 29 percent of all data breaches are socially engineered attacks, taking advantage of human behavior to advance a data-breach scheme.
  • 67 percent of all web traffic (40 million viewers) to the world’s most trafficked free porn site was generated from the office.
  • Facebook is the Number One website visited during work hours.
  • 62 percent of people say it is acceptable to transfer work documents to personal computers, smartphones and online file sharing applications.
  • 95 percent of all security incidents involve human error.

Source: The Non Profit Times